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Are you a TrueWARRIOR?
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This is the sparring division for you!  Register and you will be one of the first in the world to use the R/Evolutionary DIETRICH TrueWARRIOR Electronic Gear! 


One (1) Referee supervises the action

2 minutes of Sparring, unlimited points, 10 point spread, kicks and punches can be set at different point values based on your circuit!

What are you waiting for?  Register Today and make history!

Designed to work with "REGGIE" - The Ultimate Martial Arts athlete and Event Success Management System -


Are you a FAN of Gladiator, Warcarft, Medieval Battle? Looking for some FUN or a martial arts athlete looking for another CHALLENGE?

TrueGLADIATOR is for you! 


1) Walk to the table and choose your (padded) weapon

2) Get outfitted with TrueWARRIOR E/Gear

3) Face-off another opponent

4) Become the Gladiator!

GAME RULES (Uses TrueWARRIOR E/Gear technology)

2 minutes, unlimited points, 10 point spread

Legal Target Areas: Head, Chest, Arms, Legs

POINTS:  Disarm through weapon to weapon combat, contact with weapons to any of the legal target area.

1 referee, 2 judges, TrueWARRIOR E/Gear & electronics.


You can beat the man, but can you beat the machine?

Our gaming divisions are for ANYONE & EVERYONE:

Parents, kids, martial artists, spectators.

Speed PUNCH or Speed KICK

FREE rental - TrueWARRIOR E/Gear

2 minutes to beat the buzzer - Battle side by side or alone. 

Earn your Personal Best or Division Champion.


Do you feel the FORCE Awakening within you?

Ignore it, you must not.

Movie fans and martial artists, Rebels and Troopers: Choose YOUR side: the STRENGTH of the LIGHT or the POWER of the DARK SIDE.

REBEL CHALLENGE 1: Saber Skills - FORCE SABER individual forms performance.  Display your skillful use of the FORCE SABER for the Council Elite.  Use our SABER or bring your own.

REBEL CHALLENGE 2: Stage Combat - Align forces with  other force-sensitive friends and show the galaxy your combat choreography.

Don't get left behind!

Join the 21st century of Martial Arts...

Where there's a WARRIOR, there's a WAY

Get info on how to add


to your home workout, school & circuit:

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