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WFM is a worldwide unity of martial artists, providing modern ways to connect, learn, grow, compete, and stay united in our belief that martial artists are destined to be strong leaders in the growth of worldwide humanity -- empowering each other beyond race, religion and borders.

On our site you will discover our creative solutions in how martial artists thrive with indomitable spirit, challenge one another and grow even in times of challenges like the corona virus.

 As a fellow martial artist,  we invite you to take part in these events to help promote the martial arts growth and unity. 

Empowering each other beyond race, religion and borders

  • Competition is more than our GAME DAY... it is a way that we HONOR our instructors, our martial arts school, and our martial arts lineage ancestors whose knowledge and shoulders we stand on today. In competition,  we overcome our internal fears and bow to other martial artists in thanks for their challenge that inspires us to grow while showing HONOR.  We bow to show respect to our opponent because without their partner ship and challenge,  we cannot improve ourselves.

Let us all HONOR that tradition as we face one another online or in person to elevate our journey. 

The WFM Alliance is a league of ELITE martial arts producers who believe in carrying our martial arts traditions and providing opportunities for the next generation of martial arts competitors. We are united and determined to stand up in times of challenge and to continue Living our Legacy.

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