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Above All Else

DUBAI is impossible to ignore. As its leaders and property developers proudly trumpet, the city-state along the Persian Gulf has the world’s highest building (the Burj Khalifa), the world’s tallest hotel (JW Marriott Marquis Dubai), the world’s largest artificial island (the Palm Jumeirah) and the world’s biggest mall (Dubai Mall).

AL Mamzar

Welcomes You

Sharing its northern border with the Persian Gulf, the Al Mamzar locality of Dubai is recognized worldwide for its hospitality, modern amenities and breathtaking beachfront. Be sure to stay an extra day to enjoy the multiple palm-tree lined beaches, long stretches of grass and lavish shopping.

The Best View in Dubai Sports

The WFM DUBAI OPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held at the renown Salah Aldeen Sports Hall. The courts are home to Dubai’s finest athletes and competitions, including the Indian Basketball Society and the Dubai World Badminton Finals.  The popular gymnasium with stadium seating is booked year-round for every facet of indoor sports, including martial arts, basketball, badminton, and more.

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