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World Federation of Elite Martial Arts

Grow your school, your students, youRself

with the support of the GLobal Team

Help US help YOU


Bring Martial Arts Unity into the 21st Century

Marketing for your School

Class Tutorials

Online International Classes

World Black Belt Club

School & Event Posting

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Are you living

Martial Arts DREAM?


The WFM is committed to the growth of YOUR school!

We are inviting martial arts school worldwide to take part in this great opportunity.

Stand united, committed to excellence and growth, ready to reap the benefits of WFM affiliation and membership


It's NOT just a DREAM...

We got into MARTIAL ARTS to teach, to pay forward our knowledge, not to be salespeople!


WFM unites Martial Arts School Owners from around the world and provides the tools to make your school a success.


Imagine a class where your team can have an online workout session with Team Ireland and next month with Team South Africa.


How many students would come to YOUR WFM training center? How excited would they be?


If any of the following tools would help your school, click your choice below:


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